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Note:- Students are informed to know that the Academic year fee particulars are same for the next following Calendar year.

  Calendar Year 2023
  Academic Year 2022-23
  Calendar Year 2022
  Academic Year 2021-22
  Calendar Year 2021
  Calendar Year 2020
  Academic Year 2019-20
  Calendar Year 2019
  Academic year 2018-19 batch        Prospectus        Entrance Prospectus 
  Calendar year 2018 batch 
  Academic year 2017-18 batch 
  Calendar year 2017 batch 
  Academic year 2016-17 batch 
  Calendar year 2016 batch 
  Academic year 2015-16 batch 
  Calendar year 2015 batch
  Academic year 2014-15 batch
  Calendar year 2014 batch
  Academic year 2013-14 batch
  Calendar year 2013 batch
  Academic year 2012-13 batch
  Calendar year 2012 batch
  Academic year 2011-12 batch
  Calendar year 2011 batch